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Organ donation after controlled circulatory death (Maastricht classifi...
A study on the performance of the Donation Improvement Program in Kore...
Development of predictive score for post-transplant survival based on ...
Institutional standard framework and experience of living donor liver ...
Outcomes of deceased donor liver transplantation from elderly donors
Severe anorexia and weight loss induced by tacrolimus in kidney transp...
Outcomes of reused transplanted kidneys using cases from the Korean Ne...
June 30, 2021

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Vol.35 No.2

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Current Issue

June, 2021
Vol.35 No.2
pISSN 2671-8790
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Organ procurement in a deceased donor

Hong Pil Hwang, Jong Man Kim, Sung Shin, Hyung Joon Ahn, Sik Lee, Dong Jin Joo, Seung Yeup Han, Seok Jin Haam, Jeong Kye Hwang, Hee Chul Yu

Korean J Transplant 2020;34: 134-150

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Renal transplantation in patients with an augmentation cystoplasty

Jin Sun Choi, Hyunmin Ko, Hyo Kee Kim, Chris Chung, Ahram Han, Seung-Kee Min, Jongwon Ha, Sangil Min

Korean J Transplant 2020;34: 238-243

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