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Korean J Transplant 2021; 35(4): 257-261

Published online December 31, 2021


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Heart transplantation in a patient with complex heart lung disease: a case report

Seok Hyun Kim , Ga Yun Kim , Ji Soo Oh , Soo Yong Lee

Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine and Research Institute for Convergence of Biomedical Science and Technology, Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, Pusan National University School of Medicine, Yangsan, Korea

Correspondence to: Soo Yong Lee
Department of Internal Medicine, Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, Pusan National University School of Medicine, 20 Geumo-ro, Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan 50612, Korea
Tel: +82-55-360-1594
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Received: October 26, 2021; Accepted: December 8, 2021

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Heart disease is often accompanied by lung disease as they share the same risk factors. Heart or lung transplantation is regarded as a definitive treatment for the end-stage disease of each, while the expected median survival for lung transplantation is far shorter than heart transplantation. We present a case of refractory heart failure along with severe obstructive and restrictive lung disease that showed dramatic improvement in pulmonary function after single heart transplantation.

Keywords: Heart transplantation, Heart failure, Pulmonary function test, Lung transplantation, Case report

  • Cardiac imaging and invasive tests can be useful when considering heart or lung transplantation in a patient with combined heart and lung disease.