Table. 4.

Initial providing information about organ donation and the degree of family understanding (n=2,301)

ItemDonation group (n=1,171)Family refusal group (n=1,130)P-value
Step of initial providing information about organ donation<0.01
 After explaining the patient’s status and prognosis (Step 1)195 (16.7)247 (21.9)
 After explaining the possibility of brain death (Step 2)508 (43.4)283 (25.0)
 After explaining potential brain dead patient and the referring system (Step 3)468 (40.0)600 (53.1)
Initial medical staff who provided information about organ donation<0.01
 Doctor1,110 (94.8)948 (83.9)
 Coordinator61 (5.2)182 (16.1)

Data are presented as number (%).

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