Table. 4.

Lung transplantation cases

Case Type of cancer Allograft outcome Checkpoint inhibitor Year from tx to ICI IS regimen Cancer response Interval between IS reduction and ICI initiation ICI to event time
Tsung et al. (2021) [24] cSCC Immune-mediated pneumonitis (recovered) CemiplimabĂ—2 10.8 Tac, Pred 5 mg CR NA After 2 cycles of cemiplimab
Daud et al. (2020) [82] cSCC Chronic allograft dysfunction Pembrolizumab 4 Tac, MMF, Pred NA NA
Melanoma Acute allograft dysfunction Ipilimumab 14 Tac, Pred NA NA

tx, transplantation; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor; IS, immunosuppressant; cSCC, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma; Tac, tacrolimus; Pred, prednisone; CR, complete response; NA, not applicable; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil.

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