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Fig. 1. Post-hoc correlation between proposed guideline using enhanced virtual cross match (vXM) with summation of the mean fluorescence intensity values of each donor-specific antibody (ƩMFI), physical cross-match (pXM), and outcome of intestinal transplantation (ITX). AR, acute rejection; CDC, complement-dependent cytotoxicity; MFI, mean fluorescence intensity. a)Positive xVM with one donor-specific anti-human leukocyte antigen antibody to DR11 (MFI, 14,382) but resulted negative pXM. No episode of AR with good graft function on 6.6 years follow-up; b)Strong auto-Ab due to Lupus. Negative vXM but resulted positive pXM. Developed mild AR 5 month and severe AR 1.5 year after ITX due to non-compliance.
Korean J Transplant 2021;35:230~237
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