Table. 3.

Association between enhanced vXM and pXM

Variable CDC pXM

Positive (n=6) Negative (n=50)
Positive vXM with ƩMFI ≥5,000 (n=6) 5 (83) 1 (17)
Negative vXM and positive vXM with ƩMFI <5,000 (n=50)a) 1 (2) 49 (98)

Values are presented as number (%). P<0.001.

vXM, virtual cross match; pXM, physical cross match; CDC, complement-dependent cytotoxicity; ƩMFI, summation of the mean fluorescence intensity values of each donor-specific antibody.

a)vXM, n=45; positive vXM with ƩMFI <5,000, n=5.

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