Table. 2.

Maastricht classification of DCD

Category Definition Type of DCD
I Dead on arrival(1) Cardiocirculatory death outside hospital with no witnesses. Totally uncontrolled(2) Cardiocirculatory death outside hospital with witnesses and rapid resuscitation attempt. Uncontrolled Uncontrolled
II Unsuccessful cardiopulmonary resuscitation : witnessed cardiac arrest outside the hospital with unsuccessful cardiopulmonary resuscitation Uncontrolled
III Cardiac arrest following the withdrawal of lifeā€sustaining treatments but not considered to be brain dead Controlled
IV Cardiac arrest in the process of the determination of death by neurological criteria after brain death or after such determination has been performed, but before being transferred to an operating room Uncontrolled
V Cardiac arrest in hospital patients Uncontrolled

DCD, donation after circulatory death.

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