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Conceptual changes in small-for-size graft and small-for-size syndrome...
Macrophages in xenotransplantation
Organ donation in Korea in 2018 and an introduction of the Korea natio...
Cross-sectional analysis of immunosuppressive regimens focused on ever...
Long-term results of conjoined unification venoplasty for multiple por...
Deceased donor liver transplantation under the Korean model for end-st...
Comparison of clinical outcomes of deceased donor kidney transplantati...
December 31, 2019

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Vol.33 No.4

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Current Issue

December, 2019
Vol.33 No.4
pISSN 2671-8790
eISSN 2671-8804

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Clinical significance of donor-specific anti-HLA-DR51/52/53 antibodies for antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplant recipients

Borae Geum Park, Younhee Park, Dong Jin Joo, Kyu Ha Huh, Myoung Soo Kim, Soon Il Kim, Yu Seun Kim, Hyon-Suk Kim

Korean J Transplant 2019;33: 47-54

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